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          The Advanced Scientific Computing Center, led by Dr. Othmane Bouhali, aims to become a regional and global leader in scientific computing 通过 developing innovative solutions and using state-of-the-art computational tools to address computational challenges in science, engineering and industry. The center — the second Texas A&M at Qatar research initiative named a TEES center — is a partnership between the Texas A&M at Qatar, Texas A&M’s main campus and the engineering research agency, TEES. Areas of interest for the center are high-performance computing, computational material sciences and chemistry, computational physics and biology and 3-D scientific visualization.


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          Globalization and advancements in communication technology are bringing more and more people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds together in the classroom and the workplace. Due to complex socio-economic, political and linguistic factors, English has become a language of global communication. The spread of English language, globalization, and advancements in technology and their effect on inter- and intracultural communication and understanding are among the areas of research that Dr. Zohreh Eslami, professor and chair of the Liberal Arts Program at Texas A&M at Qatar, focuses on in her scholarly activities.


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          自从来到多哈,2007年,博士。 beena艾哈迈德已经建立了自己作为一个成功的研究人员,教师和导师。在电气和计算机工程专业的助理教授,她目前的研究重点是应用技术,解决了卫生领域的不同的问题。尤其是,她的工作涉及到压力,失眠和言语障碍。每个领域都有一个共同点,即它们可能很难或昂贵的诊断和治疗。这就是为什么艾哈迈德侧重于使用智能手机和平板电脑的机器学习算法和关闭的,现成的传感器一起。

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