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          Texas A&M University at Qatar recently hosted its sixth annual 研究行业合作伙伴展示“制造影响”在喜来登大酒店和会议中心。

          The annual event highlights the work performed by Texas A&M at Qatar faculty, staff and student researchers to help realize sustainable solutions to real-world issues with high relevance to Qatar and contribute to Qatar’s goal of being a knowledge-based economy. 该 showcase also aims to strengthen partnerships with local industry to maximize shared opportunities and pursuits of mutual interest.

          “Through research, which creates new knowledge and drives innovation, Texas A&M at Qatar is directly contributing to Qatar’s goal of becoming a knowledge-based society as outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030,” said 博士。塞萨尔O操作。 malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar. “We are proud to partner with industry collaborators to help realize sustainable solutions to real-world issues with high relevance to Qatar and contribute to Qatar’s goal of being a knowledge-based economy. We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with industry in Qatar and continue to look for ways to explore, encourage, enrich and expand collaborations for the benefit of the State of Qatar and its greatest natural resource, its people.”

          Invited talks this year were given by Dr. Hamad Al-Ibrahim, executive vice president of research and development at Qatar Foundation, and Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, executive director of the 卡塔尔国太阳城平台科研基金 (QNRF). The symposium also included a special panel discussion, “该 Research Environment in Qatar, its Future and How to Increase Texas A&M at Qatar’s Impact,” featuring representatives from local industry, including Dr. Marwa Al-Ansary, R&D and technology manager for 卡塔尔壳 Research and Technology Centre; Al-Taie from QNRF; Eng. Saleh Hamad Mohammed Al-Marri, head of renewable energy technology at Kahramaa; and Yousef Mohammed Al-Jaber, deputy director of the Total 研究 Center in Qatar. 博士。哈桑秒。 bazzi, associate director of research at Texas A&M at Qatar, moderated the discussion.

          学生们 and researchers from Texas A&M at Qatar displayed research findings and outcomes of their recent projects, emphasizing their impact to local and international


          在学生海报会议,首先去了阿卜杜勒·萨拉姆ABD,第二位穆罕默德ghufran拉菲克和季军穆罕默德jaffrin。在研究人员海报会议,GRIGORIOS matenoglou第一放置,太阳熙尹第二和达利拉chouikhi第三。

          Dr. Konstantinos Kakosimos, assistant professor in the 化学工程 Program at Texas A&M at Qatar, co-chaired this year’s event, and said, “For Texas A&M at Qatar, making an impact transcends all our activities. This year’s showcase presented the contributions of our students, researchers and faculty, and how their tangible research outcomes do make an impact in Qatar. Participants from industry and local society actively engaged in fruitful discussions and appraised Texas A&M, but they also formed a clear message: more need to be done to demonstrate these achievements.”

          In addition, Texas A&M at Qatar is proud to work with the following collaborators:

          • 康菲公司
          • 马士基石油卡塔尔
          • 英国石油公司
          • 雪佛龙
          • 哈里伯顿
          • 法国天然气苏伊士集团
          • 卡塔尔壳
          • 拉斯公司
          • QAPCO
          • Qatar 科学 & Technology Park
          • ooredoo
          • 民族乐器
          • 卡塔尔国太阳城平台科研基金
          • 斯伦贝谢
          • qafco
          • 卡塔尔石油

          技术服务 Facility at Texas A&M University at Qatar provides services and expertise to local industry and organizations. Employing the advanced facilities of seven participating laboratories, Technical Services caters to the research needs of multiple scientific disciplines by offering facilities and equipment to University partners for their use. This benefits the State of Qatar in its progress towards a knowledge-based society by supporting the research and testing needs of multiple, industry-oriented disciplines. Experienced University faculty and staff provide technical support and advice on associated services. All equipment, testing procedures and data recording services comply with established industry and international standards. Texas A&M at Qatar is proud to support the growth and development of the State of Qatar’s industry and academia by sharing its facilities through the 技术服务 center.


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