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          In the second installment of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Lecture Series, Aggie alum Mohamed Al-Balushi talked about his experience at Texas A&M at Qatar and his endeavors thereafter. Al-Balushi graduated from Texas A&M at Qatar with a petroleum engineering degree in 2018 and then continued on to pursue graduate studies at IFP in France, where he completed his master's in reservoir geoscience and engineering in 2019 with academic distinction. Al-Balushi was president of the Texas A&M at Qatar SPE chapter in 2017-2018 and  also presided over the SPE student chapter at IFP. In his talk “From the comfort zone to uncharted territory: How do we deal with stepping into the unknown?” Al-Balushi discussed the experiences students have in college and how struggling can be used as motivation to succeed. He recalled his hurdles as an undergraduate student and how he decided to break out of his comfort zone. Al-Balushi currently works as part of the New Ventures and Commercial Evaluation team at Oman Oil Company, with special focus on fiscal term negotiations and corporate planning.

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