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          2019 11月30日,公布


          More than 100 current students and graduates of Texas A&M University at Qatar recently met with industry representatives during the branch campus’s annual Career Networking Night in Education City.

          几乎75 39 companies in卡塔尔和地区的代表出席了事件网络求职的学生和实习讨论和就业机会。

          The goal of the networking event is to shorten the gap between the classroom and the corporate world and assist students to build connections with representatives from companies where they want to intern or work. The event was sponsored by Dolphin Energy and organized by the Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) at Texas A&M at Qatar in cooperation with the Office of Development, Engagement and 推广’s 就业服务 section.

          “Texas A&M is preparing a new generation of engineers who will soon join the workforce in Qatar,” said Dolphin Energy’s General Manager-Qatar, Hassan Al-Emadi. “We are proud to support this important initiative so that our future leaders can plan their career paths. We hope this event helped job-seeking students make new connections in the industry and wish them every success in the future.”


          “The Career Networking event was a great success,” Ahmed said. “A lot of students benefited by talking to several company representatives. We had companies ranging from the multinational to the local, which presented an amazing opportunity for Texas A&M at Qatar students. Special thanks to the Student Engineers' Council, 就业服务 and Dolphin Energy for making this event happen.”

          学生们 who attended Career Networking Night worked hard before the event to polish their résumés and present their best selves, said Sarah Aboulhosn, manager of industry engagement and alumni affairs at Texas A&M at Qatar.

          “The students and graduates of Texas A&M at Qatar take such events very seriously,” Aboulhosn said, “preparing themselves in advance to meet company representatives. We conduct multiple sessions to work on CVs, elevator pitches, navigating the event and which companies are suitable for the various majors and career paths. Additionally, our industry partners contribute a great deal to the success of this event, and I want to thank them for their ongoing support of Texas A&M at Qatar and its students."


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