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          Texas A&M at Qatar's 2019 International Education Week, set for  17-21 Nov., will highlight the international opportunities available to students and the celebrate the diversity of campus.

          17和11月18日 - 夏季呈现全球机遇
          太阳城平台出国留学人员可在大学站与大学生程序随着主校区的研究经验。该报告将在LH 143这两天举行,在中午12点开始在11月17日和下午1点在11月18日  

          19 Nov. — Third Culture Kids at Texas A&M at Qatar: A Conversation on how Growing up Globally can Impact Identity Development
          How does growing up abroad impact one’s identity? Many students at Texas A&M at Qatar have spent their formative years in Doha but hold passports of different countries. Dubbed “Third Culture Kids,” or TCKs, growing up outside one’s passport country can impact a person’s identity. This program will be an open discussion between two TCKs, Husnain Manzoor and Colby Seay, that will focus on how growing up all over the world has affected them. The discussion will be in LH 143 at 12 p.m.

          11月20日 - 文博会组织
          Nationality-based organizations will have booths showcasing their respective cultures. Try games from different countries, see art from another culture and hear different kinds of music at this event that highlights the international diversity of Texas A&M at Qatar. This event will be in the Link Atrium from 1 to 2 p.m

          11月21日 - 全球展示
          This event will highlight all of the international opportunities available to students at Texas A&M at Qatar. Each of the programs that students traveled with have a presentation describing the program and location. But most importantly, students will discuss what they have learned about themselves, the world and engineering in a global context. The program will be held in the Link Atrium from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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