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          Texas A&M at Qatar’s Alyafei publishes new textbook


          TAMUQ-2019-petroleum-engineering-Alyafei-textbookDr. Nayef Alyafei, assistant professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University at Qatar, has published a new textbook with Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press on the properties of rocks in petroleum reservoirs, titled 储层岩石特性的基础。

          Alyafei said he wrote the textbook after his first semester teaching the reservoir petrophysics course for Texas A&M at Qatar petroleum engineering students in fall 2017. This course is fundamental and at the heart of the petroleum engineering curriculum, Alyafei said. His students in that class said they enjoyed their class notes and found them more useful than the textbook, so they suggested he write his own textbook.

          “It was a life goal for me to write a textbook,” he said. “I wrote it for my students but I also wanted to leave a legacy for petroleum engineering students, something that will stand out with my name on it. As the first Qatari to join the faculty at Texas A&M at Qatar, I need to show young Qataris that I am able to do these things and of course they can too, so hopefully I can inspire them to want to achieve their own dreams as well.”


          “Hbku按的主要重点是支持和突出卡塔尔和地区的学者,并与其中一个全面的平台,为他们提供分享他们的想法和研究,”解释大丽花Heiba,在hbku出版社出版专太阳城平台。 “博士alyafei的书的学术景观的重要贡献地区和国际,是高标准的质量学术出版社出版的书籍的实施hbku即致力于出版。“ 

          Alyafei is a Class of 2009 petroleum engineering graduate of Texas A&M at Qatar. He went on to earn his Ph.D. at Imperial College London before joining the faculty of his alma mater. His Ph.D. advisor, Martin Blunt, contributed a review of the book, which is printed on the back cover. Blunt praises Alyafei’s clear presentation of information and excellent illustrations, and said the book is ideal for undergraduate or post-graduate studies in petroleum engineering, hydrology or related disciplines.

          “这本书提供了对岩石学急需的参考,也为研究人员和专业人士在石油行业工作有价值,”布朗特说。 “还有一点很感兴趣的学生越来越多,研究人员,科学太阳城平台和工程师在多孔介质流动的工作与各种由烃回收二氧化碳的存储应用。我一定会推荐这个工作,我自己的学生和同事,在我的教学中使用它。“

          Dr. César Octavio Malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar, said that Alyafei’s textbook is just one example of how the branch campus is sharing knowledge worldwide based on the expertise and experience of its faculty, as well as contributing to building human capacity in Qatar by developing a new generation of engineering leaders.

          “Dr. Alyafei is one of our most popular and enthusiastic teachers,” Malavé said, “which is evident by the recognition he has earned as our 2018 Alumnus of the Year — given largely due to his outstanding efforts in teaching and mentoring — and from Texas A&M University’s Association of 以前的学生, which awarded him the Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching this fall. He is driven to enrich his students and to inspire them to reach new heights, even going so far as to write a textbook at their encouragement. We are proud of him and all that he has accomplished in such a short time.”


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