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          Texas A&M at Qatar students publish writing in sixth edition of 最好的作品



          Texas A&M University at Qatar has published the sixth edition of 最好的作品,它展示了分校的工程专业学生的写作人才。

          最好的作品 features the writings of Texas A&M at Qatar students in a variety of genres, from poetry, short stories and personal essays to technical papers and research reports.

          Co-editors and Texas A&M faculty members Dr. Mysti Rudd and Dr. Amy Hodges said this year’s book, “A Thousand Ways to Begin,” features writings that attest to the difficulties students have experienced when leaving behind one piece of their lives to begin another, such as leaving a beloved high school to begin a challenging engineering degree.

          “When students enroll at Texas A&M,” Rudd and Hodges write in the preface, “they embark on many beginnings that will never be recorded on a transcript as they begin new relationships and make new friends. They fluctuate between feeling confident and full of doubt as they situate themselves in new social groups, trying to learn what it means to responsibly live in community with their fellow Aggies. As the pieces from our alumni Yousef Al-Jaber, Pavithra Manghaipathy and Omar Barhoumi show, these early experiences at Texas A&M shape their new identities and values and prepare them for learning new ways of belonging in the workplace. By paying attention to the poems, stories, essays, and arguments collected in 最好的作品 2019, you will be gifted with a front-row seat to the journeys that we all go through as human beings.”

          During the book launch, several student authors read selections from their published pieces. Rand Alagha, Nadeen Issa, Omar Aly and Zahid Kamil read their essays and research pieces, while Sara Albanna and Ahmed Al-Nowfal read poetry. Recent Texas A&M at Qatar graduate Lolwa Al-Majid also read from her piece published in this year’s volume.

          塔伊夫almeflehi,他的照片装饰的书的封面,反映她拿着而在Chefchaouen,摩洛哥的图像上。 “的封面图片是我的爱和我对我的阿拉伯语热情的反映,因为我在那一刻吸引到它的颜色。与墙壁上的这些信件,我要建立优美的文字,将表达,表达阿马齐格历史北非与它的伊斯兰和阿拉伯字符的城市魅力和遗产“。

          Student Ghaith Glaied, who served on this year’s Best Writing committee, spoke during the launch and said, “I believe this [book] should be our need statement as engineers here in Qatar. In the first three years at Texas A&M, students are taught how to understand, apply and analyze information in science and engineering. We are taught how to solve complex problems, but it was difficult and many of us ended up asking ourselves, ‘Why are we even doing this?’ For us, 最好的作品 is a way to share with the world our hopes and frustrations. During our last year at Texas A&M, we learn about engineering design, and we move from asking how to asking why. But if we don’t start with why, our whole design will fail. At these moments, I remember the poem I wrote for 最好的作品 我说,“这就是为什么我设计的,这就是为什么我选择了该级别上下功夫。””


          “这本书中的真正的宝藏是谁在今年的成交量件提交审议的许多学生所显示的累计勇气。没有这些学生和他们的辛勤工作和勇气,就没有 最好的作品。通过提交自己的作品,学生在这所大学承认写作的能力和与超出了他们的老师和同学的观众分享他们的故事,任务,和哲学伴随恐怖和兴奋“。


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