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          Texas A&M University at Qatar Marhaba Former Students Image Map

          Texas A&M at Qatar Hosts Alumni

          Texas A&M University at Qatar alumni and university leaders recently gat这里d together to reconnect and discuss various aspects of student and alumni success.



          Texas A&M at Qatar hosts industry representatives at annual networking event 更多 than 65 students and 25 former students met with 65 representatives from 35 companies in the region about internship and employment opportunities.


          工程领导系列玛丽亚姆almeer '12

          Almeer discussed her professional experience at Qatar Shell, as well as her graduate school experiences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with faculty, staff, and students at Texas A&M at Qatar. She also provided students with valuable advice on how to make the most of their experience at Texas A&M at Qatar.

          Texas A&M at Qatar names Alyafei alumnus of the year

          博士。纳耶夫alyafei '09, assistant professor for petroleum engineering at Texas A&M at Qatar, has been named the branch campus’ recipient of its Alumnus of the Year award for 2018.



          玛丽亚姆人bishri '10 has been awarded ‘Engineer of The Year’ in Qatar Today’s inaugural Women of The Year awards. The event was held in October 27 in partnership between Oryx Publishing & Advertising and Qatari Business Women Association. Women of The Year is an initiative to recognize and honor distinguished Qatari women for their accomplishments and efforts within the region. Congratulations Maryam!


          研究通过 akanksha梅农 '13 被刊登在美国的网站每日科学。梅农和她在佐治亚科技大学合作者已揭示使用柔性聚合物和印在纸上新颖电路安排证明的概念可穿戴热电发电机。点击下面的按钮来阅读文章!



          达纳·阿卜丁'14 通过快速原型杂志作为2017年高度赞扬纸和卓越的2017年出版的翡翠文人网络奖获得者已被指定。



          玛丽亚姆AL-bishri '10在卡塔尔石油油藏工程师,主持了石油和天然气的生产车间,在女孩rufaidah预备学校。她表现出七年级生产的石油和天然气,从勘探钻井和生产过程,以及精炼和运输。



          We are proud to announce that Texas A&M at Qatar is currently offering former students building access cards, which will allow smoother entry to our Engineering Building. This is a benefit that former students have been seeking for quite some time. Please click below to read more.






          An Aggie is a student at Texas A&M University. In the early 1900s A&M students were referred to as Farmers. The term Aggie began to be used in the 1920s and in 1949, when the yearbook changed its name to Aggieland, Aggie became the official student body nickname. The term Aggie has come to include faculty and staff members of Texas A&M. “Once an Aggie, always an Aggie.” Because the Aggie spirit runs so deep that our graduates never really leave the university (in spirit, at least), we refer to our graduates as former students rather than alumni or “exes” because t这里 is no such thing as an ex-Aggie. Together the nearly 400,000 Texas A&M former students comprise the 阿吉网络, which is known far and wide for supporting Aggies in ways big and small.


          多哈阿吉俱乐部带来了农学生一起在多哈的服务项目,社会活动和聚会鼓起。加入俱乐部的 Facebook的。更新当前的联系信息或报名参加我们的通讯组列表 这里。或找到我们的 阿吉网络.


          Texas A&M’s 以前的学生协会 reaches far and wide. Make sure you’re an active member to get the most out of the 阿吉网络. 更多


          Texas A&M University at Qatar Former Students are doing wonderful things. What have you been doing since graduation? Let us know, and we could feature you 这里.

          Shaikha Al-Mannai

          Shaikha Al-Mannai ’14 recently took on a new role at RasGas Company Ltd. as an Instrument & Control Engineer, operating in Ras Laffan. This new job has been challenging, motivating and exciting for Shaikha, as she learns new things, delivering engineering solutions for all instrument and control related issues to ensure reliability and availability of the various assets.

          祝贺思南obaidan '11谁已成为美国国太阳城平台科学基金会创新军团网站授予收件人!美国国太阳城平台科学基金会I军团的网站标识,并支持学生团队用自己的想法商业化高度创新的思想和辅助工具。与此批,思南想革命性的养殖业,以满足全球人口的需求和挑战。







          Texas A&M at Qatar’s first graduates were two Chemical Engineering Qatari females in 2007.


          Texas A&M at Qatar graduates come from over 40 different countries and backgrounds.

          Office of Development and Alumni Affairs © Copyright Texas A&M University at Qatar www.qatar.tamu.edu

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