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          Texas A&M at Qatar works to serve Qatar and to enrich its greatest natural resource — its people. We are helping Qatar achieve its National Vision 2030, making fundamental contributions to teaching, engineering and research in Qatar and the region. And as a branch campus and valuable part of Texas A&M University, we share its commitment to the core values of integrity, excellence, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. We demonstrate this through frequent collaborations with our main campus that benefit our students, our faculty and our staff, and these collaborations are leveraged to benefit our partners here in Qatar.

          指导我们的方式是我们对2016至2021年新的战略计划,该计划通过其四个战略需要融合2020年远景和卡塔尔国太阳城平台2030年远景规划的目标 - 教育和终身学习,研究,参与和组织卓越 - 此计划的结果为期一年的过程中,将引导我们的旅程,在未来五年,我们保持并进一步发展为世界上最优秀的教育机构之一的地位。

          Texas A&M at Qatar continues to support its mission and vision by serving as a hub for research, teaching, service, outreach and developing leaders. Current and former students at Texas A&M at Qatar are the most visible expression of the branch campus’ success, proving themselves as Qatar’s new generation of engineering leaders, while the branch campus’ faculty are creating and disseminating new knowledge to solve relevant, real-world challenges in Qatar and the world. In everything it does, Texas A&M at Qatar seeks to be a valuable contributor to the State of Qatar as it moves toward the goals set out in Qatar National Vision 2030. Read our Annual Report and Engagement magazines below and to share in our successes and achievements of the past year. We look forward to many more years of success with our partners Qatar Foundation and Hamad bin Khalifa University. We appreciate your friendship and thank you for supporting Texas A&M at Qatar.


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