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          Texas A&M University at Qatar maintains a full complement of support services to ensure the University’s academic operation in Qatar runs smoothly. 该 campus community is modeled after Texas A&M’s administrative structure in College Station, Texas, USA, to provide the services and support necessary for the university’s missions in teaching, research and service.


          该 建筑业务的办公室 (OBO) supports Texas A&M at Qatar’s core mission of teaching, research and service by helping to ensure a safe campus community and promoting environmental responsibility through partnerships with students, faculty, staff and visitors. OBO provides regulatory compliance assistance, training programs, protocol development and implementation, technical support, inspections, and provides assistance during emergencies as well as aids in crisis management coordination. OBO supports academic programs at Texas A&M at Qatar by providing environmental, health and safety services to the campus community, including education through training and consultation; maintaining a safe environment; maintaining regulatory compliance; and recognizing and controlling health and safety hazards. OBO’s work in safety encompasses academic laboratories and research laboratories as well as machine and electrical shops. We strive to create the safest environment possible for Texas A&M at Qatar students to learn and grow within their chosen engineering disciplines.

          导演 - 肯特克劳森: kent.clawson@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0171


          该 mission of 商业运营 is to support the university’s ability to meet its objectives, provide accounting services and financial information to end users, sponsored agencies and Texas A&M University. This is achieved by promoting processing efficiencies and effectiveness; ensure that transactions are being processed in accordance to Texas A&M at Qatar compliance requirements; ensure that adequate accounting processing controls are in place and are operating as designed; and provide timely and accurate accounting information to our internal and external financial users. Our vision is to provide excellent customer service and persevere to exceed customer expectation by coordination, communication and effective resolve.

          导演 - 布赖恩·汤森: bryan.townsend@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0521 


          事件和游客的关系支持所有的程序和业务单位,并作为全方位服务的合作伙伴活动,协助制定和实施可持续事件卓越的各个方面。 EVR提供专业知识的各个领域,包括概念和主题的发展,预算编制,供应商关系和合同谈判,生产,物流,执行和实施,协议和许多其他事件驱动的需求的内部事件咨询。

          导演 - 卡罗尔纳德: carol.nader@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0204 


          Texas A&M at Qatar strives to create a working environment focused on mutual trust and respect. To that end, our Human Resource team is committed to working with you directly to meet your individual needs. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, (+974) 4423.0010, e-mail: hr@qatar.tamu.edu

          导演 - 珍妮莱尔德: jeannie.laird@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0274 


          信息技术 on the campus of Texas A&M University at Qatar maintains a distinctive approach to providing technology services to faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. Our vision is to provide innovative technology services — with creativity, enthusiasm, and integrity — framed through the perspective of end users, not technology professionals. Our staff can respond with flexibility and creativity to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.

          首席信息官凯文 - 戴维斯: kevin.davis@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0609


          The Office of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University at Qatar aims to promote the campus by communicating to the community in Qatar, the region and the world its mission, goals and achievements through targeted communication, marketing and public relations strategies. Additionally, the office promotes the campus image both within the university itself in Qatar and in College Station, and to various external audiences. 该 office supports student, faculty and staff recruitment efforts, promotes and enhances community service and outreach programs, assists in nurturing collaboration and partnerships with governmental bodies and Education City institutions, and assists in forging relationships that will bring additional resources, both intellectual and financial, to the university.

          临时经理 - 莱斯利Kriewald: lesley.kriewald@qatar.tamu.edu,+974.4423.0424


          卡塔尔支持办事处 serves as the liaison between the main campus in College Station and its branch campus, Texas A&M University at Qatar, conducting communication between the two campuses and their respective students, faculty and staff.

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