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          The famous father-son Mexican architect team Legoretta+Legoretta designed the Texas A&M Engineering Building. Construction of the building took one year and 10 months to complete and cost $150 million USD. The Texas A&M Engineering Building is more than 55,000 sq. meters or 595,000 sq. feet. It consists of two distinct parts, a research and an academic wing.


          The main entrance to the Texas A&M Engineering Building features a solid bronze door. Metal Artwork in Saudi Arabia, a company famous for designing palace doors, produced the door. The door weighs 2.5 tons and when the main entrance was being completed, the door had to be installed in one piece by forklift. The gigantic door reflects the greatness of what is happening inside.




          There are four outdoor courtyards located within the Texas A&M Engineering Building. Each courtyard is different, yet still contains the architects signature niche of light and water fountains.


          The link atrium is the area of the Texas A&M Engineering Building that links the academic and research sides of the building. The link atrium features a pool in the shape of a star, a repetitive pattern found throughout the building. The pool can be drained at any time and can be used as event space.




          Texas A&M at Qatar has many labs located throughout the building. Each lab, either dry or wet, features exposed ceilings. All doors are fire-proof and are ISO certified. Each lab comes equipped with the latest technology pertaining to the research being conducted.


          Lecture hall 238 is the largest room within the Texas A&M Engineering Building. It has a capacity of 150 featuring timber walls and the latest technology, including Internet-based videoconferencing. The wooden door to lecture hall 238 has a similar shape to the main bronze door. The ceiling is blue to relate to the research rotunda and features the same repetitive star shape found throughout the building.

          Texas A&M at Qatar 图书馆 

          The Texas A&M at Qatar library consists of two floors, a lower floor and a mezzanine. The lounge area features big tables for group studying as well as individual rooms for individual studying.

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